"If Big Bob is playin' I'll be there !!"

                   These words are heard so often when it comes to the sounds this DJ plays.  Hip hop,Reggae,Club,House,Jazz,Disco and R&B flow as if they are one sound on the skate floor.  Big Bob is also a skater, this gives him an advantage to what will move the skate crowd.  Bob not only hears the music but feels it.  Skaters express themselves around the skate floor as he plays the sounds that make you move.  Many deejays in the skate world mimic his style and form.  He is a role model in many ways for disc jockeys to come.  Just ask those who hear him play or know him.

                      Bob is not just a favorite DJ among skaters all over the world because of his style of play, he is also a people person.  I remember the first time I met him at Wolman Rink in Central Park.  My friend and I were looking at him mix.  He looked up and put his hand out to shake our hands, asked us how was the music and introduced himself.  He talked for a minute or so and went back to work.  Even the children knew Big Bob and  he knew them too.                               Big Bob is now Manager of the world famous Empire Skating Rink  in Brooklyn, New York.  When the Empire was on the brink of "skating rink extinction," he was part of a group that did what they could to keep the rink alive.  Today the young and old share in this skating landmark because of people like him .

                       Big Bob has spun records for over 2 decades.  His expertise in the field is shown over the country as he is requested to be the featured DJ at  many skate parties. He even has a crowd that follows him and sometimes fills the rink.  He is the DJ behind the J&J Productions Atlanta Skate-A-Thon, Silver and Gold's Baltimore Scenario , Virginia Skate Connections Phase parties,Millenium Skate World's True Skaters Weekend , Lateef and Crissy's The New York Experience, and recently Morris' Philly/New York Throwdown and NSC Freestyle Rollers Charlotte Party .

                       Big Bob was awarded the first of the Adrenalin Awards presented by G-Man and 302 productions for DJ of the Year.

Bobs' work, skills and talents are recognized by many DJs and Skaters alike.

                        To the First featured DJ of SkateDJs website by 83 votes "CONGRATULATIONS  BIG BOB"  you are the peoples choice........

                                  Here are more testimonials about BIG BOB!!!
Big Bob is the "maestro" of skating music. Whenever and wherever he plays, skaters follow. I first met Bob in 2000 at his home rink at the Empire in Brooklyn, NY. Being a newcomer in the industry, I was not aware of his skills prior to hearing him play. Therefore, I was able to judge for myself without influence from any preconcieved notions. I have to agree, Big Bob has the "Midas Touch" when it comes to controlling the wheels of steel. In February 2002, I had the opportunity to present him with the DJ of the Year trophy at the Adrenalin Awards at Elsmere Skating Center in Wilmington, DE. I am honored to have had the pleasure  to sit down and talk to Big Bob on several occasions. I found him to be a very pleasant and friendly person with a generous heart who I have grown to admire and love as one of the most renown members of our ever-growing skate family.


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