Fav 5 cuts:Before I let go Frankie Beverly and Maze,
Ain't no future in your frontin Eric Sermon,
I found lovin Fatback band,
just the two of us Chubb Rock,
Bad boy Luther Vandross
Top spins : return of the swag Nipsey Hustle
regret Latoya
say ahh Trey Songs
say something Timbaland
ain't leavin without you Jaheim
everyday Fabulous

genre I spin:old school r&b
Tools of tradeMIXER:denon dn x500
CD Player:denon dn-s5000
Amplifier:qsc gx5
Headphone and MIc:denon hp1000 akg mic

Find me on face book: Bobby Stroede

DJ Bobby S, Colorado

DJ Bobby S, Colorado