Top 5 Favorites
Jam on it--Nucleous
Nothin but the cavi hit-Mack 10
Told yall--Pete Pablo
More Bounce---Zapp
Caravan Of Love--Isley Brother's

Todays Top List
Just a lil bit     hypnotic
Wait remix         we belong together
Girlfight          truth is
hold you           tipsy
oh-Omarion         what U gonna do


R&B and Motown is my favorite genre of music.

CHOICE TOOLS..........
MIXER :Pioneer DJM-909
Turntables: Technic SL-1210
CD Player:Pioneer CDJ 1000
Amplifier:Crown XS-900
Vinyl and CD's
MDR-V700 Headphones with UX-1620 Gemini Mic

I've been djing now for about 15 years, and I love every
minute of it.  There is nothing more pleasurable than moving a crowd that you
know that your in control of.  I love to see so many different age groups
grooving to my choice and controlling the tempo.  The biggest thing that is a
BIG misconception is that just because of the color of my skin people
automatically think I dont have any soul, well I have proven many people wrong
and will continue to till Im no longer able to spin the fine tunes of that floor
Crunk so many people crave.  "Dont judge me by the color of my skin but by
the content of my character..Dr.Martin Luther King" Coming to a neighborhood
near You..Dj Diamond
Dj Diamond Cincinnati Ohio
Cincinnati Ohio