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Gah Gah by kezo kane
your love is so good i can taste it by barry white
i'll be around by c-lo
same beat by jb's
payback by james brown
trust me
Jb Monorail
a funky space Re carnation

Genre of choice:jazz, neo-soul,R&B,hip-hop
Tools of trade:MIXER:PIONEER 400
Turntable: technic 1200
CD Player: numark
Amplifier: crown
Vynil,CD or Both: both
Headphone and MIC:sony
Dj. "Retro" Dre  Virgina


DJ Retro Dre 
I'd like to say..... as a skater myself...... that in order to understand the
art you must first become the art, to enrich one into the ZONE is my Goal
for this is why we come to roll,sweat,and remember what is today for tomorrows dreams
appear from this. this is who i am,not a competitor but a pro former of my art,and my
reward is others enjoyment!