DJ Wiz is one of the Washington-Baltimore area’s premiere
DJs. Recently, he hosted a “Skater’s Appreciation
Night” at Skate Palace in Temple Hills, MD, where admission
was free for everyone.
Originally from New York city, DJ Wiz began his career
at the age of 19 and eventually moved to Maryland in
1993. DJ Wiz’s main focus is to build a bond between
skater and DJ because he realizes there is a wall that
exists. He believes that with 16 years of experience, a
strong team of DJs and enough music for everyone, he will
make it happen.
DJ Wiz is the creator of Wizardtry Entertainment; member
of JF&G and also DKSW Production in MD;
DJ/Honorary skate member of M.A.D. Unity Rollers; and
Host of Da Midnight Run, 1st Saturday’s at Orchard
Skateland and Last Sunday at SkatePalace late skate parties.
“You can just about find me spinning anywhere,” Wiz
I think DJ Wiz adds color to this community, he is humble and positive and oh...his DJing skills are great ........
                                                               Sherron Phillips  Xtreme Rollers

Wizardtry Entertainment
Name: Janie Cosby
City & State: Mechanicsville, Virginia- by way of Richmond, VA
Favorite Rink: Southside Skateland, Richmond, VA

Hello Everyone,
I am sending this represent to let everyone know about DJ Wiz in Richmond... Oh my he is our DJ in Richmond on Wednesday nights. He is coming from Maryland and putting it down for Richmond. If anyone can make it on a Wednesday night please try to because you will leave out of that rink, happy because you got to skate to your jam, slow or fast. Hurting because Wiz is a master in that DJ booth and exhausted because you will not be able to sit down for a minute.. When I get to the rink at 730 I do not sit down until 1030 when he is finished because I don't want to miss anything. I know that it would be a stretch to do that because that is a week day and we all have to go to work the next day but if you are able you will not be sorry, but I do suggest you bring someone that will just do the driving because to drive after DJ Wiz is thru with you and you have to go an hour or two a way it may not be wise. Well, thanks for your time to listen to me go on and on about Wiz.

Janie                                                                   courtesy of